What’s included?

About You. 20 minutes consultancy

  • Where are in your music career?
  • How can I assist you further?
  • Do you have any issues you may be concerned about?

Vocal Assessment - LIVE - Online 20 minutes

  • Do you know how to sing from your diaphragm?
  • 3 easy steps to breathing techniques used by opera singers
  • Beginners Intermediary Refreshers course available

3X1 (three x one hour) Online Vocal Training sessions.

  • Vocal workout techniques using engaging the diaphragm
  •  Suitable for musicians who play instruments and want to sing background harmonies
  • Music producers working with singers will find this useful
  • Beginner, intermediates, or refreshers course
  • Improve your vocal range, power and versatility.

Agreements & Contracts

  • 5 things you must have in an agreement.
  • Song writing.
  • Production.
  • Management.
  •  Label.


  • what is it?
  • How do I protect it ?
  • What is it worth.

Own - Control - Exploit

  • Own – Control – Exploit
  • Understanding your brand
  • Know what you are worth.