Vocal Masterclasses


Pauline’s Vocal Master Classes deliver fast and effective performance-based vocal coaching.

Pauline Henry will teach you the fundamentals of professional singing and develop your vocals. Put what you learn into practice as Pauline guides you through an actual song performance – of your choice, in each session. She has worked with music acts, such as, Keith Flint from the Prodigy and Ms Dynamite, to current emerging talent.


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Each Masterclass session includes:

Corrective Breathing

Learn how to breathe correctly from the diaphragm. This is essential to protect your voice and achieve a lasting vocal career. Corrective breathing is the starting block for a powerful voice. Let Pauline guide you through her simple and highly effective 1-2-3 method to get you on the right track.


Vocal Work Out – Breathing Techniques

Develop your craft as a Lead Singer or Backing Vocalist. Pauline will teach you essential breathing techniques for developing your vocal power, range and versatility. You will learn and practice exercises that you can use again and again. After your masterclass sessions, these exercises will form the foundation of your daily warms up and maintenance of your singing voice.


Performance and Stage Confidence

Perform like a professional with confidence. Pauline will give you encouraging, strategic advice to greatly improve your stage presence. You will learn her top performance tips. You will develop your voice projection and build your confidence. Learn professional microphone techniques and best practices to prepare you for singing on stage.


Self-correction and Assessment

Learn how to self-correct and assess yourself. Pauline will give you the tools you need and provide you with tailor-made feedback and recommendations. You will learn how to recognise when you are doing things incorrectly. This training gives you the tools to identify common flaws, such as:

* Tension – recognise where in your body you are tense, and correct yourself, so that it does not negatively impact your performance

* Taking sufficient intake of air

* Projection from the diaphragm

* And much, much more!

The Self Correction and Assessment training will empower you to work independently.


Vocal Master Class Certificate

You will be awarded the Pauline Henry Vocal Master Cass certificate when you have achieved the required standard.


Master Classes take place in a studio location in Kings Cross, London*.

*You can request a preferred location. Price excludes travel costs.


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2 Hour Intensive Session

4 Hours – 2 x 2 Hour Sessions

6 Hours – 3 x 2 Hour Sessions