Music Career Coaching Masterclass


Music Career Coaching Masterclass

For Singers, Songwriters and Musicians who want to gain knowledge of the music industry from Pauline Henry.

Knowledge is the KEY to your earnings and your sustainability.


The Music Career Coaching Masterclass Includes:

How ready are YOU?

Motivational speech. Hear Pauline’s story. Learn from her successes and failures. The essential tools for success and longevity in the music industry.


Getting Started

This seminar will prepare you with an overview of what you need to know about the music industry in the digital age.

Learn about the key areas of managing a music career, including:

* Management

* Promotion

* Marketing

* Bookings

* Music Societies

* Potential Challenges



Do you need them? When should you sign one?

An introduction to recording contracts, management contracts and publishing contracts. Benefit from Pauline’s legal knowledge and experience as a record label owner.


Song Writing & Publishing Tips

The ‘bread and butter’ for both Artiste and Musician. If you are a song writer you need to get protection and get registered to get a piece of the action!


What Is Copyright Law?

Understanding the ‘rights’ in your music. Learn to control, protect and exploit your rights.



Masterclasses take place in at a studio location in Kings Cross, London*.

You can request a preferred location. Price excludes travel costs.



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