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The New Age Women Grub Club is a new concept facilitated by myself, Pauline Henry. It’s a contemporary alternative to counseling, where a small, intimate group of women meet to enjoy a meal and share their experiences. I provide a supportive space and share advice to help you to find solutions to overcome some of the challenges we face as modern day women.

Over the years, many women have approached me to seek council. I have guided women through the process of finding resolutions for the personal struggles they face. I have provided a listening ear, and support, to help them approach issues to do with romantic relationships, challenging family dynamics, lack of self-confidence and self-worth. I came up with the idea of New Age Women Grub Club because I want to put myself out there for other women who need support.



“Lovely idea…It’s lovely to talk to Pauline, a person who does not judge, who listens with an open caring heart, who only has positive powerful words of support in times when you need a friend…”


Some may ask, “Why just women? Men need support too”, however, my decision to focus on the needs of women, comes from the need for men to understand the role and needs of a the New Age Woman. The Grub Club is open open to individuals and families.

For example, let’s think about women who have the role of a mother; As mothers women provide foundational teachings around the feelings and experiences that we go through early in life. So the responsibility of motherhood holds great significance in our path through womanhood. We play a significant role and hold a certain level of accountability in shaping humanity. We have to have the right management systems and energy in place in order to function properly as individuals and carry out the role of mother.




Harmony and balance, can be difficult for many women to achieve, due to societal conditioning, dictates and imposed boundaries. These are universal challenges that women face, and can leave us feeling powerless in various areas of our lives.

“…..Pauline has ability to make a short statements which summarise your situation 100%. Her observations help you to think clearly and take action. This helped me tremendously when I was in doubt. After speaking with Pauline I decided it was time to make a decision and take control. She pointed out behaviors, which over the years I had got used to, but they were slowly destroying me.”


Through the New Age Women Grub Club I aim is to inspire women. I will provide guidance to help women to achieve harmony and balance. As a strong and balanced independent woman, I call on my experiences, knowledge, wisdom and intuition to help other women. I have always boldly followed my life path, and I understand the challenges and energy it takes.


“This is great … Pauline is a great listener and could relate to my situation. She very quickly identified problems in my relationship with my husband and gave an objective opinion.”


At the New Age Women Grub Club I facilitate open and honest discussions. Women come together to contribute and exchange. I have the natural ability to help council, mediate and help women to improve areas of their lives that cause them dissatisfaction. Intuitively, I sense and understand what women want, feel and the important elements that make us feel whole.






“This year after some life changing events I said “enough is enough”. Thanks to Pauline’s support and uncompromising belief that every woman deserves respect and love, I made the decision to end a toxic relationship. I can finally breathe and make my own decisions. Thank you for your uncompromising attention to me, your objectivity and your wisdom.”


Come and see for yourself. Find the nurturing, warmth, assurance and moral support you need, in the presence of women, and when you leave you will see how inspiring and empowering the experience can be.

‘You have the power within to free yourself – together we look at solutions.’


The price for the New Age Women Grub Club includes a 3 course meal and non-alcoholic beverages.

On booking, you will be sent a questionnaire to find out a little bit about you and your meal preferences.

Meat, vegetarian and fish meal options are available, and any other dietary needs can be accommodated based on the information you provide beforehand.

Individual – 1 hour £150

Groups Discussions- 3 hours for a minimum of 3 Women £120 per person (Family members are welcome!)

One-2-One discussion can be booked via Skype at £25 per Half Hour


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