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Pauline Henry is known for her trademark powerhouse vocal style and versatility. Keith Flint (The Prodigy) and Ms Dynamite are just a few of her past clients. Now you have the chance to learn from one of the best and most experienced in the music industry.

Experience fast, dynamic and effective results in all areas of your growth and development as an artist and performer. Master Classes are available via Skype or in person. In addition to vocal coaching, Pauline provides support in ‘Confidence Building’ and ‘Goal Setting’. Pauline also provides expert tuition in songwriting and mentoring for recording artistes.

Take a look at the range of classes available to book straight away. If you would like to book the ‘One-2-One Vocal Coaching’ or ‘Studio Production Package’, please get in touch first using the contact form.


Pauline Henry Vocal Master Classes

Vocal Exercise Download £15

The Vocal Exercise Download is for power, range and versatility. Make the most of your voice and susatinability to prevent damage to your vocal chords. The exercises are designed to improve skills and technique. Fast effective and dynamic results. Easy to follow for male and female voices.  Buy now


PH Vocal 25

Skype Vocal Assessment

Unsure of your vocal ability? Pauline can provide you with a vocal evaluation and vocal workout in a 30 minute lesson via Skype. Buy now

The vocal exercise download series is  free with this package!



PH Vocal 35

Skype Songwriting Lesson

Pauline provides support to help you develop your songwriting skills. The Skype Songwriting Lesson provides help with song structure, lyrics and melodies. The session is via Skype for a duration of 30 minutes. Buy now



Skype MentoringSkype Vocal Master Class

Pauline Henry will work through vocal exercises with you and guide you through applying the techniques to your performance. Get Ready To Sing! Duration 1 hour via Skype. Buy now

The vocal exercise download series is  free with this package!



Skype MentoringSkype Mentoring For Recording Artistes

Got a question? The Skype mentoring session with Pauline provides you with advice about the music industry, copyright song protection and general artiste development concerns. Duration 30 minutes.



PH Vocal 75Skype Vocal Refresher Course

The Skype Vocal Refresher Course is ideal if you already have a good singing voice and just want to get up to speed. Let Pauline guide you through breathing, projection and help you build your confidence. Duration 1 hour 30 minutes via Skype. Buy now

The vocal exercise download series is  free with this package!



PH Vocal 300

Studio Production Package

The Studio Production Package is ideal for creating your professional demo CD. Record up to 3 songs of your choice with one-2-one vocal coaching support and guidance from Pauline while in the studio. At the end your session receive a CD with your songs. Duration 3 hours.

Please contact us using the contact form prior to purchasing this package. Contact us 

The vocal exercise download series is  free with this package!