‘Sunshine (Happiness)’ Remix Collection 1 Deluxe CD, signed with a personal message is available to buy here.

Released June 2014

“Finally I feel like I broke through my chains.”

This is how Pauline Henry describes feelings as she makes her way to the airwaves with her brand new single ‘Sunshine (Happiness)’. Bringing an uplifting gospel influence that is in Pauline Henry’s blood, “Going back to my roots” as she would say.

The powerhouse soulful vocalist that we know from The Chimes achieved big hits in the UK and US with songs like ‘Heaven’ and and her compelling cover of U2’s ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’.‘Pauline Henry is one of the finest singers to come from the British Isles’ wrote Rolling Stone Billboard Rock USA and she has achieved success as a solo artist with hits in the UK including ‘Feel Like Making Love’, ‘Too Many People’, ‘Can’t Take Your Love’ and ‘Love Hangover’. She has collaborated and featured with some of the world’s top producers from Leon Ware, known for his work with Marvin Gaye, Todd Terry, Loose Ends, Soul II Soul and producer Terry Bitten who wrote for Tina Turner.

Pauline’s new single ‘Sunshine (Happiness)’ was originally written as a classical soul ballad, but in 2013 Pauline Henry teamed up with a new producer Le’Voy Wilson who heard ‘Sunshine (Happiness)’ in a way that no one else did, “Immediately he took the song in a completely new direction by raising the tempo, added a gospel choir (which he himself is a part of)”. Le’Voy teamed up with Pauline to recreate ‘Sunshine (Happiness)’ as a gospel song that can be embraced in the commercial world.

The energy of the song has inspired a collection of remixes, each capturing and elevating unique dimensions of ‘Sunshine (Happiness)’. And to celebrate the special energy of this song, ‘Sunshine (Happiness)’ is now available to buy here, with a Deluxe CD edition personally signed and messaged by Pauline Henry.


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